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April 3 - April 24, 2019
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Women and Girls

Support Women-Owned Businesses

#62 Women Smallholders

I will spend 10 minutes each day researching women-owned businesses I can support when shopping.


Women and Girls

Connect With A Nonprofit

#6 Educating Girls, #7 Family Planning, #62 Women Smallholders

I will connect with a local nonprofit working on womens' or girls' issues in my community, and find out how I can get involved or become a member.


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    linda aponte 4/24/2019 12:58 PM
    I want my students to believe that our school community really means it when they say that they want to be a sustainable responsible place. We should not provide plastic water bottles at meetings and other gatherings instead we should provide pitchers filled with water and paper cups.  It is an important step toward changing the mindset toward. 

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    linda aponte 4/03/2019 9:54 PM
    Women's reproductive rights are very important to me. It is astonishing to me that I have a right to choose. I strive to help others have the advantages that I have enjoyed. For that reason I joined Femme International and organization that is dedicated to helping women reach their potential. With a small monthly contribution I hope to help my fellow women.