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April 3 - April 24, 2019
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Brion McMullan


"support small farms"

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Brion's Actions

Land Use

Learn about Temperate Forests

#12 Temperate Forests

I will spend at least 300 minutes learning more about the environmental services provided by and the environmental issues affecting temperate forests.

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#60 Composting, #3 Reduced Food Waste

I will start a compost bin where I live.

One-Time Action


Explore Other Food Solutions

All Food Solutions

I will spend at least 300 minutes researching other Drawdown Food Solutions.

One-Time Action


Mulch the Base of Trees and Plants

#46 Water Saving - Home

I will prevent water runoff and increase absorbency by mulching the base of trees and plants in my yard.

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  • Brion McMullan's avatar
    Brion McMullan 4/24/2019 7:10 AM
    Challenge has been helpful in organizing my thoughts on these issues and recognizing my desire to actively participate in the effort to moderating the hardships climate change presents -severe storms, food sources for us, other animals and plants, new pests and diseases to our forest  etc...

  • Brion McMullan's avatar
    Brion McMullan 4/22/2019 10:16 AM
    attended talk held on climate change and how to stimulate progress towards addressing as a community. Recently built cold frame and we planted lettuce , pruned our fruit trees and dosed using natural compost tea to help tree battle stress as they draw on their stored nutrients at the beginning of another suiting cycle.

    • Evelyn (lyn) Swett's avatar
      Evelyn (lyn) Swett 4/23/2019 1:17 PM
      Brion - I have always wanted to build a cold frame. I think this might be the year, since my goal is to use what I have to make the land we care for as productive and healthy as it can be. Thank you for the inspiration.