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April 3 - April 24, 2019
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Bruce Vaughan

Hauppauge Eco Team

"To help Hauppauge families and friends of the Hauppauge Library understand the benefits of Solar Energy for the home. I believe in being extremely honest and informative provide accurate information about the Solar Energy incentives as well as solar production from the roof."


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Electricity Generation

Rooftop Solar Consultation

#10 Rooftop Solar

After researching the incentives at the federal, state, utility, and local levels, I will contact a local installer/distributor for a solar panel installation consultation on my house.


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    Bruce Vaughan 4/04/2019 9:27 AM
    Today I rebuilt a deck using reclaimed wood.  This saves the landfill of wood and it saves me on cost, a win win!  Although this is not related to a specific challenge it still works!

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    Bruce Vaughan 4/01/2019 9:38 AM
    I chose to become a provider of Solar Energy because I really believe in the technology.  I meet with families all over long island to explain the benefits.
    Did you know that both the Federal and State governments provide incentives to Go Solar?  This pays for almost half the cost of solar energy.  This along with harvesting the energy from the sun helps all of us become more Eco friendly!

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      Bruce Vaughan 4/03/2019 4:51 AM
      That's great Fran!  It really is that simple.  I'm so happy for you and your family, making a difference to help the planet, and it's is saving you a lot of cash!

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      Fran Palumbo 4/02/2019 6:15 PM
      I have had solar panels for 4 years and pay a $14.00 a month just for the ability to hook up to the grid.  I love my solar panels.

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    Bruce Vaughan 3/31/2019 6:27 AM
    Solar energy was first discovered in 700 BC and was used to start fire.  The first Photovoltaic cell was made in 1954. Today families are using solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint as well as save money from the high cost of electrical generation (the grid's yearly rising costs). 

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    Bruce Vaughan 3/31/2019 6:03 AM
    I was invited to join and support this group.  I provide Solar Energy solutions for the home. If you are looking to complete this step please contact me and I will provide you with a simple comprehensive analysis of your home for Solar Energy.  I am a local Hauppauge dad and I pride myself in being completely upfront with facts about everything Solar!  631-806-8792.