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April 3 - April 24, 2019



Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Electricity Generation Support Companies Leading in Green Energy
    Every dollar you put into solar or wind is a dollar not put into traditional financial institutions. You'll also be bolstering the fossil fuel divestment movement, too. Name some companies you know that invest in green energy. How can you support them?

    Renee Bryce's avatar
    Renee Bryce 4/24/2019 6:44 AM
    I looked at the list of companies using green energy--most are tech, which I use every day. There are some large financial institutions but I don't like their other practices so I cannot invest in them. I think supporting local companies is the best way I can support.

  • Marlene Stutzman's avatar
    Marlene Stutzman 4/23/2019 5:01 PM
    Our mason bees have hatched and are already using their house !  It's a small step, but I'm glad to host these wonderful pollinators.

    Women and Girls Support Women-Owned Businesses
    Globally, women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. How can you better support communities by supporting women? Can you share any past experiences that may help others take action?

    Renee Bryce's avatar
    Renee Bryce 4/22/2019 6:26 AM
    I learned that there are logos for women owned businesses that I can use to identify and purchase products/services.
    Electricity Generation Watch a Video about Methane Digesters
    What does your vision of a sustainable community look like? What would need to be changed in order for such vision to become reality?

    Marlene Stutzman's avatar
    Marlene Stutzman 4/19/2019 8:10 AM
    A sustainable community would be able to meet its own basic needs while nourishing the land and water around it. For manufactured goods, they would be made and transported without damage to the earth. I think we would have to lower our expectations of consumption.

  • Marlene Stutzman's avatar
    Marlene Stutzman 4/19/2019 8:06 AM
    We installed a mason bee house last fall and just got some bees.  They are shipped in a little box. I've placed it outside as instructed and I hope they hatch! We have blueberries and hazelnuts that need to be pollinated...

  • Marlene Stutzman's avatar
    Marlene Stutzman 4/18/2019 1:20 PM
    Another action we've recently taken is removing the lawn and replacing it with a mix of regional native grasses and wildflowers called Fleur de Lawn.  We had to water when we planted it last summer, but it's established now. Supports pollinators, utilizes companion planting so it never needs fertilizing or chemicals. And no mowing! (Seed mix available from ProTime seed in Portland OR).

  • Paula Amberfield's avatar
    Paula Amberfield 4/17/2019 9:01 AM
    Donated medical supplies to the Mabibi Clinic and for the Mozambique victims

  • Paula Amberfield's avatar
    Paula Amberfield 4/17/2019 8:48 AM
    Work with Mabibi Foundation to repair roof and gutters on school

  • Paula Amberfield's avatar
    Paula Amberfield 4/15/2019 1:43 PM
    Visited a village in South Africa and worked with the Principle of the local school and two of the teachers to encourage young students, especially girls with English.
    Transport Conduct Virtual Meetings
    How can you ensure that your virtual meetings honor your values and your company's culture?

    Marlene Stutzman's avatar
    Marlene Stutzman 4/03/2019 1:45 PM

    Virtual meetings might require a bit more prep on the organizer's part - making sure there is an agenda and everyone has access to the call-in, testing the technology before the meeting, etc.  The plus side is they almost never run long, which respects everyone's time.