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April 3 - April 24, 2019

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  • Norah Bolton's avatar
    Norah Bolton 4/25/2019 12:19 PM
    Just wanted to add - both Josh Matlow and Mike Layton responded the next day when I wrote them - and said they appreciated the support.  We forget that these and other politicians generally get negative mail.  After this is over let's continue giving positive support.
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Generation Learn More about Wave and Tidal Energy
    What did you learn about wave and tidal energy? Were you surprised by the information you found?

    Andrea Stephens's avatar
    Andrea Stephens 4/24/2019 8:59 PM
    Yes! Solution #29 on the Drawdown top 100 is a great opportunity for our country which sits between three oceans - "from sea to shining sea!"

  • Milithza Silva's avatar
    Milithza Silva 4/24/2019 8:47 PM
    One surprising outcome of the challenge is that by seeing the example of other participants, your perspective and ways of thinking about how you go about your daily activities starts to evolve/shift and they you start considering new alternatives.  In the past, on my leisure time I might have used the bike for a ride on the park or for one-hour exercise.  Keep in mind that I live near the core, 7 minutes from the subway but I work on the suburbs.  Given that the distance is 26-35 km is not feasible for me to use the bike as a commute option as it would take me 1.5 hours bike ride each way.  Having said that, on my off days I have started to plan my activities around using the bike as the main mode of transport.  Thus is not just for leisure and exercise but as a way to reduce even more my reliance on the public transport.  with the weather warming up, it is so much easier.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Use Forest-Friendly Foods 2
    How difficult or easy was it to change your diet?

    Andrea Stephens's avatar
    Andrea Stephens 4/24/2019 8:44 PM
    We were already on board with Palm Oil, but didn't realize it was disguised by companies by having so many different names! Thankful to Crafty Cat for teaching us more about Chocolate 🍫 and the wide reach of the unethically sourced Cadbury company - Thanks Zoë!
  • Reflection Question
    Land Use Choose Better Wood Products
    Beyond carbon sequestration, what other benefits do forests offer you personally?

    Andrea Stephens's avatar
    Andrea Stephens 4/24/2019 8:38 PM
    The beauty of connecting with Nature! 🌱❤️🌎
    We are fortunate to live in the heart of the city, yet beside a big park, home to not only a playground, baseball diamond & big tobogganing Hill, but also a long bubbling brook & large forested area - a perfect t place to walk our kids to school! 
    🌱🌳🌲Thankful to the Eco Challenge for providing great resources to learn more about how to better support our forest, our planet & ourselves! (;

  • Milithza Silva's avatar
    Milithza Silva 4/24/2019 8:36 PM
    One of the reasons this challenge has been challenging is because it forces us to look at our habit, the ways we are comfortable and used to doing things and exploring new and/or different ways to tackle things.  As I mentioned before, being vegetarian for over 20 years, I find having a mostly plant-based diet a really easy thing to do.  For the most part at home is quite easy to choose 95% of my meal content to be plant base, but I still have difficulty parting away from cheese and yogurt.  The real challenge is when I'm out and about with friends and family as almost everyone in my circle of near-and-dear is a regular traditional consumer.  This weekend while out, it was a new exercise in researching options that would be 100% vegan and that both my friends and I could enjoy.  As it happens, the city has seen quite an increase in the last few years of plant-based options and is not far-fetched to find "regular" restaurants with a section of their menu with vegan options.  For instance, I was pleased to discovered that a very traditional Italian restaurant such as "Il Fornello" has gone the extra mile to have such alternatives.
    That way I can still have a good time socially and neither my companions nor me have to struggle and hopefully once they see the options and see what I had on my plate, it does serves as encouragement to give plant-based options a shot.  Countless times I have to illustrate/educate my acquaintances
    on the fact that I have nutritious + delicious meals as vegetarians (often people think vegetarian's diet consists of leafy salads...)
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Generation Learn More about Micro Wind
    Micro turbines can be placed on large structures to take advantage of stronger, steadier breezes. The Eiffel Tower now sports vertical axis turbines that produce electricity for use on site. Where could micro turbines potentially be installed in your city?

    Andrea Stephens's avatar
    Andrea Stephens 4/24/2019 6:20 PM
    Didn't get a chance to do this research - added to my to-do list! 

  • Norah Bolton's avatar
    Norah Bolton 4/24/2019 6:11 PM
    This was a great activity and I learned a great deal in the process.  None of it was too hard and it's good to see both group and individual accomplishments.  My only regret is that I didn't encourage more people to do so.  I hope another challenge happens in 2019.  Thanks to all for your participation, encouragement and high fives!
  • Reflection Question
    Women and Girls Give a Microloan
    Globally, women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. Why do you think that is?

    Charlene Day's avatar
    Charlene Day 4/24/2019 6:00 PM
    Because women are the caregivers.

    • Milithza Silva's avatar
      Milithza Silva 4/24/2019 8:51 PM
      Another reason is because many of the tasks done by the caregiver go unpaid but if all those activities were quantified it would correspond to a big chunk of money.
  • Reflection Question
    Women and Girls Learn about the Need for Family Planning
    What did you learn about the need for family planning? Share some of the learning with your friends!

    Charlene Day's avatar
    Charlene Day 4/24/2019 5:59 PM
    It is important for women to learn about family planning as each individual adds to the carbon load.