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April 3 - April 24, 2019

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  • Jordan Burrows's avatar
    Jordan Burrows 4/04/2019 11:13 AM
    I'm really trying to find time to research other options of conserving energy within food solutions. I already eat most of my diet from local and natural producers, plus I'm vegetarian - but I have been looking at different animal rights and conservational websites for new ideas as well. It's really hard to find a lot of time though. In addition, the Women's Rights club I'm a part of is currently working on social media campaigns (with me) on the power AND NECESSITY of female education  

  • Joseph Montuori's avatar
    Joseph Montuori 4/03/2019 5:15 AM
    I'm so psyched to begin the EcoChallenge! Looking forward to sharing ideas, successes, and challenges with my teammates!
  • Reflection Question
    Food Zero-waste Cooking
    How are environmental issues like black carbon and other emissions from cooking fires or rudimentary cookstoves also human health and social justice issues? Why do these issues matter to you?

    Joseph Montuori's avatar
    Joseph Montuori 2/16/2019 1:52 PM
    Inefficient or "rudimentary" cooking fires and stoves don't burn the wood or dung fuel completely. That makes a lot of smoke! The cook — usually a woman — and her children wind up inhaling those fumes, which obviously hurts their health. That incomplete combustion also creates CO and CO2, a greenhouse gas, and thus contributes to global warming. 

  • Hudson Burrows's avatar
    Hudson Burrows 2/15/2019 5:31 AM
    Hi STOP! Start thinking about which challenges you're up to and get excited! 

  • Joseph Montuori's avatar
    Joseph Montuori 2/15/2019 5:11 AM
    Hey, STOPpers! I'm so excited that we're a team! STOP rules... ;)

    • Cal Trumann's avatar
      Cal Trumann 2/15/2019 7:07 PM
      I can't figure out how to reply to my own post... But yes, Scott and I are teammates, he's excellent! I'm glad we're all in this together!