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April 3 - April 24, 2019

Seattle Colleges Siegal #1 Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Food Smaller Portions
    Fun fact: Your brain and stomach register feelings of fullness after about 20 minutes of eating. While dishing food out, we tend to load our plates with more than we need. Using smaller plates helps to mitigate this. Aside from the environmental benefits, what other benefits might come out of eating smaller portions?

    Jennifer Strother's avatar
    Jennifer Strother 4/23/2019 4:19 PM
    Of course, we want to stay at a healthy weight.

  • Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/22/2019 12:19 PM
    The challenge is going fine.  I have learned a lot about buying carbon offsets.  It was not easy to find a place where individuals can buy them.  I didn't choose a lot of challenges because of limited time, but I would like to continue the challenge even when this week ends.
    Materials Eliminate Toxic Plastics
    What single-use items (e.g. straws, coffee cups, vegetable bags, plastic bags) do you regularly use? What could be substituted instead?

    Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/22/2019 12:18 PM
    I get carry out for a lot of my meals.  Many places use plastic boxes.  I do request that they not put any utensils in my bag.  I don't need them and am sometimes successful in catching it before they put it into the bag.  I am looking for stores where less of the produce is wrapped in plastic.  One us using more paper bags, but it is a long drive to get there.
    Materials Go Paperless
    What do you want to prioritize over material 'stuff' in your own life?

    Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/22/2019 12:15 PM
    I still have one or two bills to change to paperless, and more catalogs to stop.  It is an on-going effort.
    Buildings and Cities Go for a Daily Walk
    What have you noticed on your daily walks? What have you enjoyed? What infrastructure changes could make your walks more enjoyable or possible?

    Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/22/2019 12:14 PM
    There are a lot of areas around Seattle that aren't very walkable.  Our neighborhood has few sidewalks.  After heavy rain, the dog and I zigzag our way around the puddles and the mud.  Other areas don't feel so safe because of the narrow spaces for cars, bikes, and pedestrians.  Otherwise, walking is fabulous.  Seattle offers beautiful gardens and spring time colors.

  • Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/19/2019 7:59 PM
    I took care of two big commitments today.
    Buildings and Cities Research Heat Pumps
    Why is taking action on climate change important to you? Why do you care?

    Daniel Cordas's avatar
    Daniel Cordas 4/18/2019 6:29 PM
    I care because I like my Seattle summer's to be relatively cool. 100 degree Summer days are way no bueno. A solid 85 is where its at.
    Transport Conduct Virtual Meetings
    How can you ensure that your virtual meetings honor your values and your company's culture?

    Daniel Cordas's avatar
    Daniel Cordas 4/18/2019 8:25 AM
    It's difficult to differentiate between silence-that-means-agreement in a remote meeting and silence-that-means-disagreement. I think it's important to ask people by name what they think during remote meetings, particularly if they have not been engaging heavily with a particular topic.  

  • Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/17/2019 4:54 PM
    In reducing plastic use and waste, it's hard to catch clerks and servers before they get a plastic fork or straw into the container.  Even if they are compostable, we could use a lot few of them.
    Transport Explore Other Transport Solutions
    What did you find out? What is the most interesting fact you learned?

    Annette Stofer's avatar
    Annette Stofer 4/17/2019 4:48 PM
    I was trying to buy a carbon offset for a long flight I will take later this year.  I didn't find information leading me to that.  But I learned about other ways to offset carbon emissions related to plantings in the yard or supporting greenbelts, and some things about wind power.