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April 3 - April 24, 2019

Emerson Waldorf Feed

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  • Matthew L.'s avatar
    Matthew L. 4/24/2019 6:30 PM
    Do a post about the actions you did for the challenge!
  • Reflection Question
    Transport Test Drive an Electric Bike
    Half of all trips made in the US are three miles or less; 72% of them are driven. Private vehicles account for 60% of trips of a mile or less. Do you often drive short distances instead of biking or walking? If so, how might incorporating an electric bike into your lifestyle help you make more climate-friendly choices?

    Leigh Frick's avatar
    Leigh Frick 4/24/2019 6:12 PM
    Because of the traffic, I drive my car short distances to any times in a week. I did not get to test drive an electric bike, but I did do research on costs and the positive effects of this type of transportation. My children have electric vespas but we dont get to use them often enough- again, due to traffic. I am hoping that this will become a reality for our family as we look to add an electric bike for me. That would allow us to travel together which makes it a much safer transportation option.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Use Forest-Friendly Foods 1
    How is your diet currently impacting deforestation? What can you do to decrease your negative impact and increase your positive impact?

    Leigh Frick's avatar
    Leigh Frick 4/24/2019 6:05 PM
    I have barely had any meat during the ecochallenge and I plan on continuing making that a habit, only having it on special occasions. I knew it impacted the environment, but I had not done much research on exactly how it affected deforestation. I think my next step is to limit my dairy and egg intake. That will be harder for me, but learning about how much land is cleared for crops will stick with me. I have always been passionate about the impact of housing and business development on the land, but our eating habits has as much, or more, affect on deforestation.
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Generation Learn More about Micro Wind
    Micro turbines can be placed on large structures to take advantage of stronger, steadier breezes. The Eiffel Tower now sports vertical axis turbines that produce electricity for use on site. Where could micro turbines potentially be installed in your city?

    Leigh Frick's avatar
    Leigh Frick 4/24/2019 5:58 PM
    There are buildings in downtown Atlanta that could host micro turbines. They could find buildings that are conducive to wind paths so that turbines can more efficiently produce the needed wind speeds. I also think micro turbines could be placed near Lake Lanier since winds tend to pick up speeds near water. Because it's such a tourist location, they could be used to produce energy for the resorts and other entertainment venues.
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Go Paperless
    What do you want to prioritize over material 'stuff' in your own life?

    Claudia L's avatar
    Claudia L 4/24/2019 5:52 PM
    I want to prioritize keeping life simple and having the least amount of stress. I also want to have a lot of fun and new experiences. 
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Research Cement Alternatives
    Concrete is a good example of a material that most of us encounter every day, but may its carbon footprint is not obvious. What other everyday materials might have a large carbon footprint? How can you find out more?

    Claudia L's avatar
    Claudia L 4/24/2019 5:45 PM
    I think cars are one everyday material that has a large carbon footprint, especially the large SUVs. I also have read that clothes and running shoes have a large carbon footprint because of what it takes to make them. It uses up a lot of water to grow the cotton used to make clothes and other products made of cotton. I think the best way to find out more about which everyday materials have a large carbon footprint is to use online carbon footprint calculators and read more books and articles like DRAWDOWN.

  • Matthew L.'s avatar
    Matthew L. 4/24/2019 5:17 PM
    You'll have until midnight to finish your challenges! Thank you everyone for checking off your actions!

  • Claudia L's avatar
    Claudia L 4/24/2019 4:27 PM
    I think this 21 day challenge was fun and I learned a lot! I hope more people will take an interest in doing something about carbon emissions and learning how their actions everyday affect climate change.

  • K Landon's avatar
    K Landon 4/24/2019 3:47 PM
    This challenge has been a very educational and motivating experience!  I plan to keep it going and a conscious part of my daily life and habits. 
  • Reflection Question
    Transport Conduct Virtual Meetings
    How can you ensure that your virtual meetings honor your values and your company's culture?

    Joe Mattocks's avatar
    Joe Mattocks 4/24/2019 3:42 PM
    The best way to endure virtual meetings honor our values and company’s cultures is by actively soliciting feedback and participation from all of those present in the virtual room. Essentially making sure all people are being heard.